TURMX: The Making of…

We have installed the TURMX setup in August 2019, right after the construction of the new observatory module “Apollo VII” at E-EyE was completed. As shown in the image above, we were the first team to move into the new module. The team at E-EyE had done a great job to prepare everything on-time… we just had to put our stuff in.

After extensive preparations and tests back in Darmstadt we packed-up and loaded the whole setup into the trunks of two cars. The transport of the sensitive instruments from Darmstadt to Fregenal de la Sierra and the E-EyE site – a distance of about 2200 km – went smoothly, thanks to our installation team. We spent three beautiful days and nights at E-EyE and installed the setup and started the first imaging runs.

Below is a time-lapse movie of the installation at E-EyE followed by a collection of first-light images of beautiful deep-sky objects.

¬°Muchas gracias al equipo E-EyE por toda la ayuda y una gran experiencia!