GSC 04135-00504

Milisa Jettkandt & Matthias Kilb

During our advanced lab course, we were able to use the TURMX remote oberservatory to observe the pulsating variable GSC 04135-00504 over the night from the 5th to 6th of January 2023 (CET). Muniwin and Mathematica were used for the photometry and curve fitting as well as generating images. The above image shows the selection of stars used for the differential photometry, with var being our variable GSC 04135-00504.

Lightcurve of the variable star GSC 04135-00504 with two Fourier series fitted. Time is transformed into min after start of the observation on 2459950.3577431 JD.

After extracting the data gained from the observation via Muniwin, Fourier series of order six and nine were fitted along the data, as seen in the figure. These fits suggest a period of Pfit,6 = (88.739 ± 0.155) min and Pfit,9 = (88.867 ± 0.091) min with a magnitude variation of 0.5008 mag. The literature values ∆S = 0.5 mag and Plit = 88.554 min obtained from the Varible Star Index show the high quality of the data gained that night. GSC 04135-00504 is a variable of the type HADS(B), which means it is a δ Scuti variable, pulsating due to the κ-effect. Sadly we were not able to capture any overtone frequencies.