Heart & Soul Nebula

Time for another wide-field image using the Samyang telephoto lens that rides piggy-back on the main scope at our TURMX setup. This is the heart and soul nebula, IC1805 and IC1848, in the constellation Cassiopeia. They are part of a vast star-forming complex about 6000 light years away in the Perseus arm of our galaxy. The young stars, only a few million years old, provide the high-energy photons that ionize the surrounding gas. Through recombination the characteristic transition radiation for specific atomic transitions is emitted – and and impressive emission nebula appears.

This bi-color image is composed of more than 8 hours of narrowband exposures using Hα and OIII filters. The field of view is more the 5 degrees (10 full-moon diameters) wide.

Make sure to check out the full-resolution view by clicking on the image above.

TelescopeSamyang ED F2.0, f=135mm
CameraATIK One 6.0, 5-Slot Filter Wheel with Baader Filters
ExposuresHO, 54,47 x 300sec, 8.4 hours total
Data taken20 – 21 October 2019
SiteTURMX @ E-EyE Observatory, Extremadura
ProcessingRobert Roth, 25 October 2019