This is NGC1333, a blue reflection nebula surrounded by a dramatic scenery of dark and dusty nebulosity and colorful stars. The red specks of light below the main reflection nebula are Herbig-Haro objects that are produced when jets of gas ejected from newly formed stars hits the surrounding gas and dust producing glowing shock fronts. Actually the structure contains hundreds of stars less than a million years on and more are hidden in the dense dust clouds. NGC1333 is only 1000 light years away in the constellation Perseus. One of my favorite reflection nebulae. Mare sure to look at the full screen view of this image (in a dark room).

Another classic LRGB image with almost 10 hours of total exposure time, mainly in the luminance channel. We will surely come back to this object…

TelescopeCFF Triplet APO 160mm, Riccardi Reducer, f=810mm
CameraASI1600MM Pro, 8-Slot Filter Wheel with Baader Filters
ExposuresLRGB, 194,30,40,30 x 120sec, ~10 hours total
Data taken27 – 29 December 2019
SiteTURMX @ E-EyE Observatory, Extremadura
ProcessingRobert Roth, 29 December 2019